Wednesday, March 14, 2018

He ate bread!

We are so thankful for the healing Matthew's mouth has received. Today, he ate a piece of bread. It took him about 50 minutes, but he ate every bite of the bread. We are so thankful!!

Here, he found some flowers Samuel had picked for me, and he was enthralled:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Matthew's surgery

On Friday, March 9th, Matthew endured a 7-hour surgery at our local children's hospital. Derek's parents were able to babysit the other children (thank you so much!!!!), and Derek and I went to the hospital with Matthew.

We were checked in by 6 a.m. and spent some time with Matthew before he went into the operating room.

I love that he was clueless as to what was about to happen.

He was so calm in fact, that he allowed the nurse to carry him into the O.R. without being medicated!

During the first part of the surgery, he had 2 hernias and several other issues repaired and fixed.

During the second part of the surgery, he had his 5 abscessed molars and 3 front teeth extracted, 3 crowns placed, and 12 cavities filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The result of living for 3½ years at an orphanage
drinking juice but not getting his teeth brushed:

In addition, his tongue was nicked during the process, so he had to get stitched in his tongue. UGH!

He had a breathing tube down his mouth during the first part of the surgery, and then it was pulled up and a different breathing tube was put down his nose during the second part of the surgery. Therefore, even several days post-surgery, he is eating only room temperature foods to help with his raw throat.

In recovery:

Little guy suffers silently. He has not yet learned to cry aloud from pain. It is so sad! When I see him crying silently, my heart breaks!

Several days post-surgery, and Matthew keeps distracted with toys, books, and coloring. He still has immense pain and break-through bleeding.

He has been on non-chewable foods--since he cannot yet handle texture. Last night, he was hungry enough, so he wanted to try eating a banana. He took a bite, and after 1 chew, the banana fell out the front of his mouth (where the gap is from the missing teeth). So he reached for a cooked elbow noodle, and after about 10 chews, he spit out the noodle. The noodle was whole and only had 1(!!!!!) hole in it. He hardly has any teeth for chewing. He was upset and stopped eating. Before bed I fed him yogurt.

He points to his mouth and asks where his teeth went. So sad!!!

Hopefully, he will begin to feel pain-free and learn a new way to chew his food.

💙 We love you, sweet boy!!!!! 💙
Thank you for being so pleasant through all this pain!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


It never gets old to me. Every night I get the all-over-warm-fuzzy feelings. Ever since Cherish has had a sibling, she has always chosen to sleep with him/her. Out of all the years she has been a "big sister", she has slept with someone. She may have only slept in her own bed alone 50-ish times--and that was only because she was sick or wanted to stay up late reading. Other than that, she makes the boys' bedtime her bedtime so she can cuddle with them.
💗 bonded hearts 💙

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Naps are not always good

School carpool lines mean no more 7:00 p.m. bedtimes. It's more like 10:30 p.m. 😬

Friday, February 23, 2018

Real home schooling

Derek called me on his work break, so I exited the school room to talk with him. When I returned, Cherish had turned her lap sideways, and Matthew had perched himself up on her lap. I snapped a picture.

Their bond: Cherish sleeps with Matthew at night, and Matthew wants to hang out with Cherish all day. ALL day. And, she always accepts his nearness. She LOVES to have him near him! She adores her brother (but not so much her math that she is working on). Sweet brother and sister love! 💙💗