Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to an AMAZING dad!!! His children love and adore him; they squeal at the tops of their lungs when he returns home from anywhere! His arms never seem empty as he is constantly snuggling, wrestling, tickling, or holding one of his precious children. He is their HERO! Happy Father’s Day, Derek!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Cherish is growing up

No, she's not driving.

Yes, she has entered middle school.

Whoa! That was fast.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Happy Birthday, Derek!

Happiest of birthday wishes to the man who EXCELS as a husband and dad. Derek has surpassed all that I ever imagined in a husband and dad for our children. May God grant him many more blessed years ahead! "Happy Birthday, Love!"

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Matthew is 4 today!!!! We are SO excited!!! He has never had a birthday celebrated before, so we are even more thrilled to celebrate him today!!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Jesus talked to Samuel

This morning while I was putting on my makeup in the bathroom, Samuel came in to talk to me. He said (as he so often has since Easter), “I know Jesus died on the cross, but He’s not dead. He’s alive!”

I said, “That’s right, Buddy! Jesus is alive!”

Samuel: “Mom, I know Jesus is alive. I mean, I KNOW it.”

At this point, I had a feeling that this was not just Samuel talking about what he knew. He wanted to engage. So, I stopped putting on my makeup and knelt down on the bathroom floor in front of Samuel and just looked at him. I figured if he wanted to talk, he would.


Samuel in anger: “Those bad guys! I’m so angry at those bad guys!” (Side note: the boys often play “good guys/bad guys”. Thus his terminology.)

Mommy: “Sammy, I’m one of those ‘bad guys’.”

Samuel was shocked!

Mommy: “Anyone who has ever sinned—ever done anything wrong—is a ‘bad guy’.”


Samuel sadly: “Sammy is a ‘bad guy’.”

Mommy shook her head.

Mommy: “Sammy, do you want to see a nail that I have that may look a little like the nails they used to put Jesus on the cross?”

Samuel shook his head.

We went to my closet, and I pulled a container of Sunday School supplies off the shelf. We sat on the floor in the closet and looked at the nail. It scared Samuel at first, but then he wanted to hold it. I let Samuel lead the conversation. (If God was speaking/working, I didn’t want to speak.)

Samuel: “I’m a ‘bad guy’. Jesus not a ‘bad guy’.”

Mommy: “Mommy sins a lot. Jesus loves me so much that He wanted to take my punishment for my sins.” At this point, I was so overwhelmed by Jesus’ love that I laid down weeping.

Samuel: “Jesus, Mommy is sad.”


I looked up and saw Samuel looking up.

Samuel: “What was that?”


Samuel: “What did you say, Jesus?”


Samuel: “Oh!”


Samuel: “What was that again, Jesus?”


Samuel: “Ok.”


Samuel: “Jesus, do you want to hold my hand?”

Samuel put his arm upward with his hand cupped and stood up to walk out of the closet.

Chills went up and down my spine to think that I had just witnessed Jesus and Samuel having a conversation.