Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Superhero

Early this morning I was folding laundry, and Cherish saw a large dishcloth I had in my hands. She said, "That would make a great superhero cape." So, she asked me to tie it on her, and she transformed into my superhero.

She began to fold the laundry with me—she's self-taught and always amazes me—and stated, "This superhero do-s laundry." (Yes, you read that correctly: do-s, like do and add an "s".)

This was Cherish after folding:
She brings me so much enjoyment!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surprise Party

This past weekend, Derek's parents and we drove up to N.C. for a surprise birthday party for Derek's sister, Rhonda. Since the party was May 22nd and her birthday is not until June 7, I believe the party was truly a surprise.

Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos—most of the "good stuff" is on our video camera—but here's what I have.
We hung out at Amanda (Derek's niece) and Justin's house until it was time for the party. Here Cherish is playing with Nathan's toys:
(Nathan is Cherish's first-cousin-once-removed.)
Waiting for "Aunt Rhonda" to arrive:
Rhonda's 40th Birthday:
Dancing together: 
Happy Birthday, Rhonda!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Morning Chores

Cherish began morning chores about a week ago, so now that she's into the routine, I decided on this rainy morning to follow her around and take pictures. She has four chores (that she has memorized). They are:
1. Make bed.
2. Get dressed and put away pajamas.
3. Eat breakfast. (This is on her chore list, because she eats better--and more--knowing she's accomplishing a chore.)
4. Brush teeth.
So, here are the pictures:
She ALWAYS goes straight to the closet to pick out a dress.
100% of the time!
"Look, momma! I can open my kajama drawer with my feet!"
"Kajama" = pajama
Cherish loves to cook.
Don't worry; no pictures were taken while the stove was on.
Momma holds Cherish's hands during the cooking process.
Here she helped make oatmeal.
We like brown sugar, cinnamon, milk, and sometimes
mashed bananas in our oatmeal.
Morning Chore Chart + stickers = great motivational tool!
Now, on with our day.... Actually, Cherish and mommy are sick this morning, so it will be a light day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"The Best Party EVER!"

Our weekend began with a "Princess and Pirate Party" given by Chick-fil-A. Actually, Cherish was so excited about the party, that she dressed herself first thing Friday morning (though the party did not begin until the evening). Here she is dressed and excitedly waiting:
After spending the whole day in this outfit (and never once taking off the tierra), we were ready to head out to eat and attend the party. Derek's mom thought Cherish might like a princess outfit for the party and sent over the outfit you will see in the remaining pictures. Cherish prefers dresses--ALWAYS--but the pants worked well for the moon bounces.
Cherish really liked Mr. and Mrs. Cow!
Time for prizes and free ice cream!
(Notice the green ring and extra necklace?)
Cherish said this was "the best party EVER!" Thanks, Chick-fil-A!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

She calls me "Momma"

Cherish has chosen to call me "Momma" and she seems to add it to almost every sentence she addresses to me. Derek says the way she says, “Momma” she sounds southern. She's my doll.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Blessed Mother's Day

Yesterday was a day of celebrating mothers. However, my heart hurt for those in my family and those of my friends who long to be mothers, and as of yet have not been given the opportunity. I understand the hurt and longing. Derek and I were married eight and a half years before God granted us the privilege of being parents to Cherish. Therefore, I spent much of yesterday praying for you. May the “God of all comfort” comfort you, sweet ladies (II Cor. 1:3-4).

Derek, Cherish, and I spent the day together—as Derek’s mom and my mom were unavailable. We went to worship with our church family (the best gift of the day!), had some lunch, and then Derek announced he was taking me shopping. Cherish ran and got headbands for daddy and her to wear to the store. Here they are:
(Also, she told daddy she wants him to wear the headband to college when he comes to visit her. )

Derek bought me two new swimsuits and a sundress. Then he took me out to Mimis Café for dinner. This was my first time eating at this restaurant, and I really enjoyed it. (The portions were so large, that even though Derek and I shared with Cherish, we each have a large portion left over for lunch today.)
We also spent time together watching “I Love Lucy” reruns and eating popcorn. What a great time with family today!

Thank You, Lord, for the precious family You have given me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Graduation Day Exhaustion

Today was Aunt Jen's (my sister's) college graduation. The excitement must have been too much for this three-year-old. One minute Cherish was walking, and the next thing she was doing was taking off her shoes and then promptly dropped over asleep. Out like a light.
Cherish told me today she wants to go to college when she grows up, and she wants me to go and stay with her the whole time she's there. I'd love to hear her say that as an eighteen-year-old.  Mommy-daughter love. Sweet!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Required Lawn Project

Well, we lost our front yard this spring. So, here are a few pictures to tell the story of its replacement:
Special thanks to Donnie Carter for the tiller!
Cherish found the fresh dirt a place to dig for treasures.
However, as soon as daddy dropped his rake, Cherish took over:
Gathering the first of many piles:
This girl did not give up!
Such a big helper!
My fashion model:
Another day for digging for treasures:
The team of two:
Sod delivery:
Rescuers from our church:
Thanks to Grandma's gift of a wading pool, Cherish was able to stay cool in the front yard while being with everyone else:
Derek's dad came to help:
Derek crashed. Cherish thought he would feel better if he looked like a princess: