Sunday, October 30, 2016


The cute, safe kid.
Now we know why he walks like he's drunk sometimes--those pesky ears! I feel much better with him in his helmet when he's out playing on his car, etc.

❤ Love him! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sammy Update, Part II

We were able to visit the ENT at his office, and I just want to say: "What an amazingly wonderful man!" He met us with a smile, a hand shake, and took time to show the children the fish tank and other things in the waiting room to keep them busy.

After a day full of surgeries, the doctor acted as fresh as if we were his very first patients, and he acted like he had all day just for us! (He even sat down in the waiting room to talk to the children!!!!)

The doctor looked at Sammy's ears, and yes, they were/are both full of fluids. The ear drums are so packed with mucus, that there was no movement on the Tympanogram. However, since Sammy has been on meds for months, the infection is not currently active. The dried blood in his ear canals tells the doctor that the infection has been lingering a lot longer than a couple of months.

And, since Sammy has been on medications, they have kept the infection in check (i.e. no fever...). Therefore, all medications have stopped over the weekend to see what happens.

If Sammy spikes a fever while off the antibiotics, the doctor said he'd meet Sammy in the operating room. If the fever stays away, on Tuesday Sammy will meet with the audiologist and then with the doctor again.

At that point, if the infection has turned active once again, the doctor will cut an incision in each ear drum to release the fluids for the time. Then surgery will be planned to put tubes in (and to check the adenoids).

For now, we watch for a spike in temperature.

Side note: You'd hardly know Sammy was sick or in pain. The boy acts easy-going and smiles a lot. Gotta love the little guy .

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Samuel Update, Part I

Sammy has been sick since we received him. His files from China said that he was continually sick, so we have no idea how long our little guy has been suffering.

Even though he was on Chinese medication when we received him, continued on medication until we got home, and took three antibiotics back-to-back here in the States, Samuel still has an ear infection!

Today when we went for our fourth visit to the doctor, she said both his ears look horrible (bulging, infected eardrums). Since the surgeons' office was closed by the time our visit with the doctor was over, tomorrow the doctor will push to get Sammy in to see the ENT specialist.

Not only is Samuel in pain from his ears, he has terrible chest congestion that sounds like asthma. His breathing is not responding well to Albuterol, so he will have his adenoids checked as well.

Albuterol 3-4 times a day is beginning to wear on the little guy,
but thankfully he likes watching the Mother Goose Club during his treatments.

Hoping to have some answers--and relief--soon.

In the meantime, I am so completely enjoying his hugs, kisses, and singing. Samuel initiates hugs and kisses (!!!), and he sings to me!!!!!!! We have "our" song that he now sings to me, and I join in.

I used to sing "God Made Me" to him, but now he sings the song to me in his Chenglish, and it is so, so, so, so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a precious gift our Samuel is!!!!!!!

❤ "Thank You, Jesus, for Samuel!!!!" 


Friday morning update:

The doctor spends Fridays at the hospital in surgery. Today, after he is finished with all his surgeries, he will head to the office to meet with Sammy. It'll be some time after 4 p.m. We'd love your prayers for the doctor to have wisdom. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Family Down Time

After the hurricane came barreling through, and we had a chance to clean up our yard, we headed out of town for some rest (and to celebrate my birthday). We went to visit my sister and her family, and it felt so good to be free from stress for a while!

All these were caught by Cherish:

While we were together, my sister Michele took me out to eat a couple of times. She spoiled me!


Then on my birthday, Derek took us all to the Bass Pro Shop:

Free-standing elevator!

(Underwater theme)

I had no idea the Bass Pro Shop could be so fun!!

Then it was time for pizza and ice cream cake--yum!



"Thanks, everyone, for making my birthday so special, and thanks, Winder Family, for making our time away so relaxing!!!!! You are such great hosts!!!"