Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sweet Family Love

Friday I was blessed to have time to spend with my family. My sister Jen and her sons and my children and I met at mom's house. Then, we went swimming.

It was so fantastic to bond with them,
and it was a great way to beat the heat!

Here's part of our group:
Ryan, Sebastian, Jen, Andrew, Julie, and Cherish.
(Mom was cooling herself off in the large pool and Brandon was taking the picture.)

 Jen and Sebastian:

 Cherish trying to teach Andrew how to float:

 The baby whisperer:

 Sweet sibling love:
My swimmer:

Thanks, Jen, for all of the following pictures!
 Andrew beginning to like the water:

Jumping into the pool:

 "Hey, buddy, wait until momma's ready!"

After lunch, Andrew got to enjoy Jen's yummy strawberries:

Then, it was back in the pool!

Cherish and Sebastian:

Rehydration time:
 (The angle of this picture cracks me up!)

So, what was the most blessed thing I experience on this day?
After lunch while in the pool, Andrew began watching children with their parents. A lot. Then, after watching and watching, he saw me watching him and with exuberant joy yelled, "Momma!" and came running to me through the water to hug and kiss me.
He knows where he belongs!
He knows who loves him!
And, momma knows her boy loves her!

What a wonderful day of precious memories!