Monday, June 12, 2017

Our #6 has turned 3!

Our little guy has turned 3-years-old 🎈🎉!
Next year he will experience a birthday party is 
and understand what "special" feels like!

"Hang on, Little Buddy! This week we will be visiting the USCIS to get fingerprinted so we can bring you home! It's going slowly, but we will hopefully be there before Christmas! And wait until you experience Christmas!! 🎄"

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Our family has had so many families pour themselves into our lives. We are grateful beyond words!

Cherish and Hope were given dance lessons again this year as a gift from a family who has asked to remain anonymous. Our girls have grown in their femininity over the year, and we are so very grateful for their opportunity to continue to learn and grow in many different ways!

Also, Cherish was once again gifted with piano lessons by her teacher, Miss Shirley. We are so thankful for Miss Shirley's godly influence in Cherish's life and for her constant encouragement to keep playing for Jesus.

"Thank You" to all the sweet ladies who have invested in our girls and for all those who took pictures of our girls so we would have a record of their special day. (All the recitals were on the same day 😊.)

"Lord Jesus, please bless these 'investors' in our girls' lives with blessings overflowing!"