Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blessed with family and friends in Pennsylvania

I already miss my family! I love them so much! Derek blessed me with the opportunity to visit them before heading further up north. We only had a short time, but the precious memories will linger for a long time!
Siblings: James, John, Julie, and David
Our sweet nieces, Rachel and Ashley:
David and his lovely wife Shannon:
The girls: Ashley, Julie, Audra, Rachel, Shannon, and Cherish
The boys: James, Joey, John, Derek, and David
Tickle time with Uncle James:
"Who's your favorite uncle?"

This is how Cherish made it on short nights--cat-naps:

Time with friends: Judy, Nancy, and Lee
My friend's house has a carousel horse in the basement--and it works! Complete with music!!

We got to spend a little bit of our time in Strasburg watching "Joseph" at the Sight & Sound Theatre. It was/is an amazingly moving story of the power of forgiveness in family lines. Talk about tears!
We couldn't take pictures in the theater,
so here are two outside:
Good feelings of "home"
Then we visited my dad and his wife, and Cherish fed their chickens.

We were freezing without our coats on--and loved it!
It was so nice to be cold!!
My hands were wrapped so tightly around that
hot coffee mug!
Next stop: Vermont!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're back...

from vacation, that is. We had such a wonderful time up north, but it is always good to be back to routines and schedules. Since our vacation was long, the updates will be split into several separate posts.

First we headed to Tennessee to visit Derek's college for his 15th year reunion. Cherish had the most fun:
 Cherish with her playmate:
We stayed at the reunion for a couple of days and then headed over to visit Derek's great-aunt for a couple of hours.
Derek with his Great-Aunt LaVeta:
We were so glad to see the temperatures dropping!
 Then we drove to South Carolina to catch the night train north. Someone was VERY excited about sleeping on the train:
 Thumbs up:
To be continued.... (Next stop: Pennsylvania.)