Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer 2017a

So, now that summer school break is behind us, I will post some special pictures from our summer. (I tried to "live in the moment" with my family, so I didn't post very much.)

The first trip we made was to see Derek's great aunt in Tennessee and then on to Georgia to get together with my family.

In order to make the trip more comfortable and to help Sammy sleep in different beds during the journey, I made my first weighted blanket. It was quite successful! I was extremely happy!

All together with Derek's great aunt:

While we were visiting Derek's great aunt, she became ill and needed a day of rest. So, we took the children to a hands-on museum in the area, and they had a fabulous time!

News anchors:
The boys "lost" their shirts due to a water incident involving toy boats. The workers let us take their shirts back to the car to dry them in the heat.

Aw. Shirts again: 

 The banker:

After visiting Derek's great aunt, we went to visit my family--who had rented a cabin in the mountains for several days. It was so nice to reconnect with the family again!

The girls snuggled up reading:
Look at how the boys are snuggled up for a nap! 💗
Sweet Aunt Teaya:
Madison and Sammy (with Andrew pushing the pedal):
 Yay, Andrew!
 Super, Hope!
 Look at the fishing pole Sammy chose:

 Uncle Pedro and Mason:
 Daniel and Madison: "My dad is stronger than your dad!"

 Uncle Jon to the rescue with the bubbles:
 Jon and Madison, Jen and Sammy, Pedro and Sebastian:
 Outside fireplace:
This was the perfect ending to each evening
as the adults stayed up late bonding
around the outside fireplace. LOVED it!

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