Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Night terror update

Since several sweet people have asked us how Andrew is doing with his night terrors, I thought I'd give a "formal" update.

First of all, as a recap for those who are just joining our blog, ever since we received Andrew in December, he has been plagued with nightmares and night terrors. (The difference between nightmares and night terrors is that when a child has a nightmare, he/she will wake up and seek comfort. With night terrors, the child cannot wake up and cannot and will not be comforted. It’s like sleepwalking; the child simply cannot wake up.) Andrew was plagued by night terrors—some nights with multiple night terrors in a night. It. was. HORRIBLE!

Two weeks ago during his nap, Andrew endured one of the worst night terrors I had ever witnessed. He was screaming in horror for so long, and I was crying out of sorrow for him and out of a feeling of helpless to comfort my little boy.

Later that day, Andrew saw a little New Testament sitting on my bookcase, picked it up, and carried it around the house—hugging it. God gave me an idea. I walked Andrew to his room and placed the Bible under his pillow. I told him he was going to sleep with Jesus.

I know that Jesus is the Living Word of God (John 1), and on that I trusted Him for help.

Since that time Andrew has undergone many "triggers" that should have set off his night terrors. For example, last week I had to go out three evenings in a row for meetings, and Derek was his caregiver instead of me. Then, Andrew was out all day Saturday with his cousins and missed his nap. Then, Sunday, he had a nap at his Pappy and Nanny's house, and I accidentally left his pillow and noise-maker there. Thus, he slept without his usual pillow and sound on Sunday night. However, none of these "triggers" set off the night terrors. The New Testament remained his constant companion in bed.

Thus, as of this afternoon, it has been two full weeks, and Andrew has had zero night terrors!

I wish each of you could have seen the difference from 2+ weeks ago—Andrew constantly traumatized in his sleep—until now: sleeping peacefully. What a change!

I am not claiming that the little New Testament is magical.
However, I am claiming that the God of the New Testament is all-powerful.
He is good.
He is the God of all comfort.
He cares for little children.

This morning when I went to get Andrew out of bed, he didn't want to be lifted out. He wanted his Bible and spent time cradling it and looking through it.

As a side note: I have gone in to check on Andrew during the night, and I have, on occasion, found him awake, sitting up, and cradling the New Testament or looking through it. Why would he be awake? I don’t know.

What I do know is that he has had no night terrors, and he has received peace and comfort from Jesus Christ!

To God be the glory!


jen alvarado said...

What a miracle!! Thanks for the update.

Louise said...

I am so happy to hear this! He is truly a blessed child, I just love him!!! :)

joannne said...

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